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On a historical note, the Omusu clan provided the last Prime Minister of Ssekabaka Mutesa I, the Katikkiro Mukasa. At the death of Mutesa I in 1884, it had been feared that chaos would ensue as had happened so often in the past, but Mukasa handled the situation with firmness and ensured the smooth succession of Mutesa I by his son Mwanga II. Sir Apollo Kaggwa writes of him in The Kings of Buganda that he "threatened instant execution to all trouble makers including those who talked of plundering the white missionaries." He became Prime Minister to Mwanga II until he was killed in the civil war of 1888.

On the instructions of Ssekabaka Mutesa I to mark their great friendship, Mukasa was buried in the royal tombs at Kasubi and his heirs, known as the Katikkiro’s of Kasubi, still perform important succession rituals in that place.

The close connection between the Omusu clan and the Kabakas of Buganda originated from the time of Nkalubo, a court official of Ssekabaka Ndawula, the 19th Kabaka of the present dynasty, who ruled about 1675 AD. As the story goes, one of the King's wives, Nakidde Luyidde enraged the King by spitting while serving him his meal and was ordered to be executed. On learning that the royal wife was pregnant, Nkalubo hid her, and instead killed and disembowelled one of his own wives, who was also pregnant, so that the King's pages were able to report that the royal orders had been carried out. Later, the royal wife gave birth to a baby boy. When the baby boy was a few years old, Nkalubo confessed his actions to the King and presented the young prince to him. Upon observing the striking resemblance of the boy to himself, the King was delighted and named the prince Mawanda because his mother had spit (okuwanda) while the King was eating.

Subsequent to the death of Ndawula, Mawanda said to Nkalubo: "Give me your young sons so that they may guard the back of my house. After all, it was you who saved me while I was still in my mother’s womb." Nkalubo did as he was commanded. As further proof of his love for Nkalubo, the King made a blood brotherhood (omukago) with him and commended that, henceforth, any prince who acceded to throne must not dismiss members of the Omusu clan from the back of the royal residence, because Nkalubo’s actions had saved the King's life.

Besides giving Nkalubo the chieftainship of Sekiboobo (Chief of Kyaggwe County), the Kabaka also created a hereditary chieftainship (obutaka) of Sebugwawo, whose present incumbent is Nelson Nkalubo Sebugwawo, the grandfather of Sylvia.

Thus Sylvia Nagginda Luswata is qualified by lineage, upbringing and education to be chosen as the wife of Kabaka Mutebi II, and Nnaabagereka of Buganda. The Kabaka’s subjects wish them both a long and happy life together. Long Live the King!

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