Baganda in the Diaspora

By far the largest number of Baganda today live in the Buganda region of Uganda. A significant portion of Baganda however now live outside Uganda. Because of the great love for the culture and traditions of their ancestors, as well as a desire to contribute to the development of Uganda their motherland, many Baganda around the world have organized themselves in various groupings to pursue goals that will benefit the motherland. This page provides a listing of the various organizations that group Baganda around the globe. If you are aware of an organization fitting the above description which is not listed here, please send a message to this site's webmaster.

Ttabamiruka '07, New York, 2007. Baganda from across the globe, joined by relatives and friends, will meet to review the state of our motherland, get to know each other, discuss Buganda's future, and celebrate our culture and achievements.

Resolutions of the Buganda 2000 Convention, London, 1998.

Resolutions of the International Convention of the Baganda, New York, 1998.

Organization Listing


Ggwanga Mujje, Ottawa, Canada

Ggwanga Mujje, New York/NewJersy

Bulungi Bwa Nsi, Greater Toronto, Canada

Ebika by'Abaganda, Sweden

Kamukamu, Dallas, Texas, USA

Abaana ba Buganda, mu Southern Africa


Bugandanet is a discussion list comprising of people scattered around the globe with access to email, who are interested in carrying on discussions and exchanging ideas on issues pertaining to Buganda.

Aims and Objectives
(a) Identifying and promoting ideas for developing all parts of Buganda, hence contributing to Uganda's development.
(b) Observing and promoting Kiganda culture, traditions and customs.
(c) Maintaining and promoting the Luganda language by learning and teaching its proper usage and orhography.
(d) Learning and teaching Buganda's rich history.

Membership is open to all who subscribe to the aims of Bugandanet. A code of conduct is maintained to which all members must subscribe, on pain of expulsion.

Point of Contact
For more information about Bugandanet or for questions on how to join, contact the Bugandanet list adminstrator, at
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Ggwanga Mujje Community Organization Ottawa

Aims and Objectives
(a) Provide a forum for promoting, strengthening and preserving Kiganda cultural traditions, values and integrity.

(b) (Re-)educate, (re-)awaken and sensitize the members, enhance their understanding and appreciation of, and share Kiganda culture and values with other communities.

(c) Guide and provide the youth with a strong Kiganda cultural foundation to enrich their identities, pride and sensitivity in multicultural environments.

(d) Vigorously support and strive to promote the development and integrity of Buganda and her contribution to Uganda.

Membership is open to all who subscribe to the aims and objectives of the organization.

David Kyeyune Kyambadde, President.
David Sendi-Mukasa, Vice-President.
Sarah Mukebezi- Kambites, Cultural Officer.
Esther Nakibuule - Hughes, Treasurer.
Jesicca Mpungu, Secretary and Information Officer

Contact Information
P.O.Box 293, Station B
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1P 6C4

Phone: (613) 829-9959
Fax: (613) 829-4983
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Ggwanga Mujje of New York/New Jersey

The first Ggwanga Mujje Association in North America was founded in Boston in 1992 by John Buwembo Mayanja and Lugudde. Ggwanga Mujje of New York / New Jersey followed in October 1994.


Ggwanga Mujje of New York / New Jersey fully believes in the sanctity and usefulness of the institution of the Kabakaship. It advocates for a Federal political system for all Uganda's regions. It is convinced that federalism would empower the different ethnic entities in the country to use their cultural strengths and pride to mobilize people for effective and sustainable development. Consequently, Ggwanga Mujje fully supports the Kabaka's government, led by the Katikiro and his Ministers, in their efforts to develop Buganda. It recognizes the Kabaka, the Katikiro and his Ministers at Mengo, along with the clan leaders, as legitimate spokespersons for Buganda's interests.

Membership Criteria
All Baganda and spouses of Baganda in New York / New Jersey who subscribe to the stated beliefs above, and support Ggwanga Mujje's objectives stated below are eligible to join Ggwanga Mujje. A member has to pay the yearly membership fee: $125 for a couple, and $75 for singles.


Rallying Cry
We should put aside our differences and doubts and actively participate in shaping a better Buganda through mass organization. Mengo provides us with the infrastructure within Buganda; we should do everything possible to utilize it, for a Buganda, and consequently, a Uganda that would make us all proud again.

Ggwanga Mujje New York / New Jersey's Accomplishments to date

In 1995-1996, Ggwanga Mujje furnished his Majesty the Kabaka's office in Bulange with custom-made office furniture and carpets etc. In May 1998, Ggwanga Mujje organized the first international Buganda Convention at which substantive economic, political and cultural issues affecting Buganda were discussed.

Later in 1998, as a follow up to the convention's resolutions, Ggwanga Mujje started a scholarship fund for orphaned children in Buganda and is currently sponsoring 3 children: one in Secondary School, and two in Primary Schools. This initiative was started locally but with a long-term view of mobilizing other Baganda communities in the U.S.A. to start a central scholarship fund through which all Baganda in North America can contribute to improving the current sorry state of education in Buganda, as the saying goes: "Agali Awamu ge Galuma ennyama."

Finally in May 1999, Ggwanga Mujje of New York / New Jersey started the Agali Awamu Investment club, and as of September 1999 had over $21,000 invested in various stocks and Mutual Funds. The main objective of this club is financial investment training to the partners of the club. We meet monthly to educate ourselves, give presentations and decide which stocks or funds to buy. This was also a follow up to one of the Buganda Convention's resolutions.

Officers of Ggwanga Mujje NY/NJ
Chairman, Mr. Zirabamuzaale Kazigo, M.D.
Vice Chairperson, Mrs. Frida Wapenyi
Secretary, Mr. Samuel Kigongo, M.D.
*Treasurer, Mr. Leonard Muwonge,
Vice-Treasurer, Mr. Alan Musoke, CPA
Publicity Secretary, Mr. Wycliffe Lule-Musoke
Deputy Publicity Secretary, Mr. Joseph Senyonjo

Agali Awamu Investment Club Officers
Mr. Edward Semambya, CPA, Chairman
Mrs. Sarah Kasule, Vice Chairperson
Mr. Joseph Senyonjo, Secretary
Mr. Wycliffe Lule- Musoke, Treasurer
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Bulungi Bwa Nsi

The following details are quoted directly from the organization's constitution.

We members of The North American Buganda Development Foundation (Bulungi Bwa Nsi),Realizing that the development of Uganda will only take place if the communities that make up Uganda are galvanized and encouraged to promote and engineer development in their respective locale;Aware that our cultural heritage in Uganda can only be preserved by a progressive and developed Buganda;Recognizing that the development of Buganda is a collective responsibility of all Baganda;Convinced that we have the resources to engineer and sustain economic development in Buganda;Understanding that although we live in North America we have a keen interest in Buganda and Uganda;Do hereby adopt this constitution establishing an organization to be known as the North American Buganda Development Foundation (Bulungi Bwa Nsi).

The name of the organization shall be The North American Buganda Development Foundation (Bulungi Bwa Nsi). The authority of the organization shall derive from collective membership of Buganda Development Foundation (Bulungi Bwa Nsi) and leadership shall be directly responsible and accountable to the membership.

The head office of the Foundation shall be located at:
3 Cavalier Court
Brampton, Ontario
L6V 3K5 Canada

Kiwanuka Kayondo, Chairman
Moses Lukwago, Vice-Chairman
Emmanuel Walakira, Treasurer
Mrs. Mabira, Fred Mbalire, Bob Ddamulira; Members at large.

4.1. The Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization whose every object and purpose shall be wholly and exclusively charitable.
4.2. The Foundation shall operate independently of governments, religious bodies or any political groupings, ideology and their agencies and shall abstain from conflict of interest, undue influence and discrimination in any form whatsoever.

5.1. To receive and administer a fund or funds and apply all or part of the principal and income therefrom, from time to time, for the objects listed here below.
5.2. To assist in the development efforts of Buganda in the fields of health, transportation, education, water treatment, energy supply, agriculture and any other activity that will foster development in Buganda.
5.3. To operate a publishing and/or printing office in Canada in order to write, print, publish and distribute books, magazines, papers, and other literature directly related to the objects of the foundation; and to encourage the establishment of other international offices for the same purpose.
5.4. To preserve the Buganda Cultural Heritage and Identity by providing educational programs to increase public awareness of the usefulness of our cultural institutions.
5.5. To encourage, assist or aid and remain in close links with individuals, organizations and groups pursuing similar objectives in Buganda.
5.6. To encourage other communities from the rest of Uganda to embark on a similar mission.
5.7. To assist members in their efforts to settle and develop in North America.

8.1 Membership Qualification
8.1.1. Individual membership shall be open to all people who subscribe to the objects in article V of this constitution.
8.1.2. A new member shall be sponsored by a member in good standing.
8.1.3. As a further qualification for membership, members shall be required to pay the prescribed membership annual fee.
8.1.4. Founding members shall include those individuals who have been active in the foundation prior to the adoption of the constitution, participated in the making of the constitution or the inauguration of the foundation.
8.1.5. Life membership shall be granted to individuals who make significant contribution to the foundation. The significance of the contribution shall be determined by the executive committee.
8.2 Membership Fee
8.2.1. There shall be an annual membership fee that shall be annually set and reviewed at a general meeting.
8.2.2. Membership may be terminated by failure to pay the prescribed membership fee.
8.3 Rights of Members
8.3.1. A member shall be entitled to receive a copy of the Foundation's by-laws
8.3.2. A member shall be entitled to receive notice of all and attend general meetings and to participate in all the Foundation's activities.
8.3.3. A member shall be entitled to vote at general meetings provided that member's annual fee is paid up for the year in which a general meeting is being held.

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Ebika by'Abaganda mu Sweden

Contact Information:
Ebika by'Abaganda mu Sweden
Gyllenborgsg 4
P.O. Box 10317
100 55 Stockholm

Bino binokoddwa mu ssemateeka w'ekibiina:

4. Ebigendererwa by'Ekibiina:
(a) Okukumaakuma Abaganda bonna abali mu Sweden awamu era n'okukolera awamu, okujjumbira eby'obuwangwa byaffe era n'ennono yaffe nga "Abaganda", wamu n'okutumbula omutindo gwabyo.
(b) Okutegeeza era n'okumanyisa abantu abalala bonna mu Sweden n'ebweru waayo; ebikwata ku by'obuwangwa bwaffe nga "Abaganda".
(c) Okutumbula omutindo gw'enkolagana era n'empuliziganya wakati w'ekibiina kino n'Obutaka bwaffe e Buganda.
(d) Okusobozesa abaana baffe okusisinkananga era n'okumanyigana ne bannaabwe, okubayigiriza era n'okubaagazisa ebikwata ku by'obuwangwa bwabwe.
(e) Okussaawo enkolagana wakati waffe ne bannaffe Abaswidi era n'abamawanga amalala mu nsi ez'enjawulo.
(f) Okuyambagananga; si mu biseera bizibu byokka, wabula ne mu biseera eby'essanyu awatali kweyawulamu.
(g) Okutumbula omutindo era n'enkozesa y'olulimi lwaffe Oluganda.
(h) Okukolagana n'ebibiina ebirala byonna ebiri mu Sweden, naddala ekibiina ekigatta abantu ba Uganda bonna awamu.
(i) Okukola ebintu ebirala byonna, bwe biba nga bitumbula omutindo gw'ebyobuwangwa bwaffe era nga tebikontana na mateeka; si ga kibiina kino kyokka, wabula n'ago agafuga Sweden.

5. Okubeera Munnakibiina:
(a) Buli Muganda yenna ali mu Sweden, ng'akkiriziganya n'ebigendererwa awamu n'amateeka agafuga ekibiina kino, an'akkirizibwanga okubeera munnakibiina. Wabula alina okusaba mu buwandiike okufuuka munnakibiina; era n'okusasula omutemwa gw'ensimbi ezaasalibwa olukiiko 'Ttabamiruka' olw'ensonga eyo.
(b) Omuntu yenna okubalibwa nga munnakibiina omujjuvu era akkirizibwa okukuba era n'okukubirwako akalulu mu kulonda abakulembeze b'ekibiina, y'oyo aba asasudde omutemwa gw'ensimbi gwonna ogwasalibwawo 'Ttabamiruka' ku nsonga eno.
(c) Omuntu yenna akkirizibwa okusaba okubeera munnakibiina mu bwa nnamunigina, oba awamu n'abomumakaage.
(d) Omuntu omulala yenna atava ku bika by'Abaganda ataano mu ebibiri, (52) naye akkirizibwa okubeera munnakibiina mu ngeri ey'obuwagizi.
Wabula munnakibiina ow'engeri eno, takkirizibwenga kukuba kalulu ku biteeso byonna ebikwata ku NNONO y'Abaganda. Munnakibiina ow'ekika kino, naye ateekwa okuba nga akkiriziganya n'ebigendererwa awamu n'amateeka okuddukanyirizibwa ekibiina.
(e) Wanaabeerangawo obunnakibiina obunaawebwanga amatabi g'ekibiina agali mu bibuga ebirala mu Sweden; era omutemwa gw'ensimbi gwe banaasasulanga gunaagerekebwanga olukiiko 'Ttabamiruka'.

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Kamukamu, Dallas, TX.

Dedicated to promoting Buganda's culture with special emphasis on teaching and learning of the Luganda language.

Contact Information:
C/O John L. Tamale
Or Mrs Miriam Musoke Tamale
4800 Nevada Trail.
North Richland Hills
Phone: 817-514-9379

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Abaana ba Buganda mu Southern Africa.

Ozaaya n'otafiisa

Baana Executice
Abaana ba Buganda Executive handing over to the Katikiro
a Computer to be used in the Kabaka's office


The main aims and aspirations of thisAssociation are : to educate, remind,preserve and promote the history andculture of the Baganda and all those who sympathise with them in these aims and aspirations.

For these reasons the Association will aim at the followings:-


Dr Patrick Sendyose
59 Weare Rd
Cambridge West
East London
South Africa 5247
Phone +27 832825881

Prof. Mwesigwa Kayongo D
University of Transkei
P Bag X1 Umtata
South africa 5100
+27 471 312494
E mail:

Mr Erisa Sekanwagi
P O Box 52773
South Africa 5100
Phone +27 834544812

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