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Sylvia has always loved taking part in sports and as a young student, she was good in athletics. While at Lake Victoria Primary School on the school's Blue sports team, she was many times placed on lead teams in running, long jump and high jump among other sports. While at Gayaza Junior School, she competed in short and long distance races and played on the school's netball team. She was on the school team twice when the school competed against Buddo Junior School in 1976.

Sylvia is also fond of drama and participated in school plays since her days at Lake Victoria Primary School. While at Wanyange Senior School, in addition to participating in sports activities, she was a member of both the debate and drama clubs. In her final year in 1980, she was elected president of the school's Drama Club.

In order to explore her childhood interest of becoming a broadcaster, Sylvia registered at a broadcast training school in New York during her first six months in the United States. She read the morning news at a radio station in New York City in 1989 and wrote for the school newspaper for a brief period but she never furthered her interest in this area.

Sylvia enjoys reading novels and read more than 50 James Hardley Chase titles during her high school years. These days, she most readily turns to John Grisham novels. When not catching up with current affairs or reading novels, she prefers to stay home and watch movies. She loves comedies, dramas, and mysteries. Her favorite actors and actresses include Marlon Brandon, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Sharon Stone and Jodie Foster. She also loves listening to R&B, Jazz, and Zouk music. Her favorite artists include Kenny G, Luther Vandross, Boyz II Men and Janet Jackson. Afrigo and Soukous music are also among her favorites. In addition, she likes dancing to Zouk music, which is popular in French Speaking Africa and the Caribbean.

While she loves eating Asian, Pacific and French dishes, her favorite food is Kiganda home-style matooke especially with catfish (ssemutundu) or chicken. Sylvia also likes wining and dining out however, she prefers home cooked food. She especially delights in cooking for and entertaining friends.

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