The Mpologoma (Lion) Clan

Lion Image

Ow'Akasolya (Clan Head): Namuguzi

Akabbiro (Minor Totem): Ngo (Leopard)

Obutaka (Clan Seat):Kasagga, Bulemeezi

Omubala (Clan Motto):
Namuguzi akaabira Kasagga

The head of the clan is Namuguzi Ssebuganda and the name Namuguzi means the buyer. It came about when Ssegamwenge son of Ssebuganda went to Bunyoro Kingdom as part of the entourage that accompanied Prince Kalemeera into Bunyoro. Kalemeera had gone to get help from Bunyoro's royal family (to whom Buganda's royal family was related) in settling a case he was accused of having comitted against Walusimbi, the then Katikkiro. While in Bunyoro, Ssegamwenge bought many hoes which he brought back and sold in Buganda. On seeing the many hoes he had bought, the Baganda named him Namuguzi.

There are eight main Clan Elders (Ab'amasiga) under Namuguzi:

Ssegamwenge of Lwadda in Kyaddondo
Kakadde of Mpuku in Kyaggwe
Ssembiro of Kkulambiro in Kyaddondo
Kasumba of Kasalirwe in Kyaddondo
Kabengwa of Bubengwa in Bulemeezi
Kawemula of Buwemula in Gomba
Luguma of Bukakkata in Buddu
Kirubaale of Ziroobwe in Bulemeezi

The Founding of the clan:

It all happened when the son of King Kintu called Ssebuganda went hunting with his father. Ssebuganda had a stick which he used to kill two lions. The King (father) named the stick Luwaga. But on eating the lions' meat, they developed severe stomach pains, with vomiting. This led them to declare that they would never eat lion's meat again and neither would their children; and so the clan emerged.

Royal Duties of the Clan:

Namuguzi is first to lay the foundation where the King's palace is to be erected and Kasumba of Kasalirwe is responsible for tuning the royal drums called Mujaguzo.

Some prominent people in the clan include:

Ssebuganda, Patriarch of the clan
He is honored for having killed two lions with a mere stick.
Namuguzi Ssegamwenge (the son of Ssebuganda)
He is known for his involvement in trade ie. buying hoes from Bunyoro. He is also remembered for having conducted the coronation ceremony of King Ccwa I.
Dr. Samson Kisekka former Vice-President of Uganda.

Because of their descent from Kintu, members of the clan sometimes refer to themselves as being of royal lineage. This however is not recognized officially, the royal lineage instead is reckoned from the direct descendants of Kimera, the third King of Buganda. Indeed for this very reason, the clan was at times persecuted in the past by some kings who resented the clan's allusions to royalty. This led some members of the clan to go into exile in Bunyoro and areas of Buddu. Some others assimilated themselves into other clans to avoid being associated with the Mpologoma clan. With the end of the persecutions, many of these people have now come out and openly declared their true allegiances.

Some common names of the Mpologoma clan
Nalwadda Sserwadda
Nantale Kisekka
Nabuwufu Luwaga
Nakibuule Ntale
Nakitowoolo Ssebuwufu
Nakisozi Lubuulwa
Nabisere Ssembwa
Nakalema Kitowoolo
Namazzi Mululu
Nakisekka Luwemba

Compiled by Faridah Kyambadde and Fred Luwaga.

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