Resolution of The

International Convention of the Baganda

Building Buganda: From Words to Action

New Jersey, USA, May 31st 1998.

We, the People of Buganda,

  • recognising the need for the moral and physical uplift of not only our own people but of all African peoples worldwide.
  • recognising the many rifts that divide the Ugandan people, and the suffering that continues to result from such division, and the need for a durable and civic covenant under which we can live together in harmony
  • recognising the duty we owe to our ancestors to preserve and build upon the legacy they left us.

Meeting in solemn discourse in the Presence of our Sovereign Lord, His Majesty King Muwenda Mutebi II of Buganda, we hereby resolve:

  1. That the gift of unity, loyalty and brotherhood bestowed upon us by our ancestors, and the customs and language that sustain it, are a precious inheritance that we will keep, build upon and use as we go forward into the new era, even as we learn the skills of the outside world.
  2. That the Kingdom of Buganda is one entity in custom and in fact, and that it's leader and ruler is His Majesty the King, and that it's on the foundation of this united entity that the Baganda will be proud and loyal partners in the union of many peoples who make up the nation of Uganda.
  3. That a federal system of administration is the most suited to the harmonious unification and development of the peoples of Uganda.
  4. That the rights and privileges anciently kept by the peoples of Uganda shall not be casually jettisoned, and that the Baganda will seek and defend an equal right of all the people of Uganda to such customs and traditions as they may wish to keep.
  5. That the lands of Buganda entrusted to the Colonial Government as Public lands have never been ceded by the people of Buganda to any person or persons, and that they are and of right should be in the Royal Custody of His Majesty the King in trust for His People and their common welfare. We thus reject the proposed law that would alienate or subdivide this land.
  6. That, as the Uganda constitution directs, privately held property and land may be only sold with the consent of the owner, save for the construction of Public Works, when fair compensation shall be paid. We thus reject the proposed law that would negate this lawful right.
  7. That we will as individuals and as a group shoulder unflinchingly the task of rebuilding our land and all of Africa, and that at all times we will keep the public good to be our paramount goal, and that we will at all times make fairness and honesty our motto in private and public dealings.
  8. That we will remain firmly united in our task of building Buganda, shunning and abandoning the bad habits of graft, envy and malice.
  9. That the education of our children to the highest standards, in the home and in schools, shall be a paramount task of each and all of us.
  10. That we will spare no effort or expense in putting into practice these ideas and beliefs.

For more information, contact Dr. Sam Kigongo.

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