The Reign of the Kings

The lack of a written history makes it difficult to establish the duration of each king's reign with accuracy. Firm dates are only known since the time of Mutesa I (30th king). The dates shown for previous kings are estimated from details of the oral history. Most of the dates estimated for kings before Mwanga I (23rd king) are so speculative, a decision was made not to quote them here. The following list gives the duration of each king's reign - within the above constraints - as well as the respective king's Prime Minister(s) ((ba)Katikkiro).

King Reigned Prime Minister(s)
1 Kato Kintu Kakulukuku, Kisolo
2 Ccwa I Walusimbi, Ssebwana
3 Kimera Walusimbi, Bakitunda
4 Ttembo Kiridde
5 Kiggala Kasongovu
6 Kiyimba Ntege
7 Kayima Ssendikaddiwa, Walugali
8 Nakibinge Kagali, Kalumba
9 Mulondo Ssekajja
10 Jjemba Busungwe
11 Ssuuna I Kisolo
12 Ssekamaanya Kisolo
13 Kimbugwe Kamegere
14 Kateregga Kamegere
15 Mutebi I Musezi
16 Jjuuko around 1680* Mulwana, Wannanda
17 Kayemba Kisiki, Lugwanye
18 Tebandeke Mujambula
19 Ndawula Nsobya
20 Kagulu Ntambi
21 Kikulwe Mawuuba, Nakiyenje, Nakikofu
22 Mawanda Ssebanakitta
23 Mwanga I 1740 - 1741 Ssebanakitta
24 Namugala 1741 - 1750 Kagali
25 Kyabaggu 1750 - 1780 Kabinuli, Lugoloobi
26 Jjunju 1780 - 1797 Ssendegeya, Mayembe, Kagenda
27 Ssemakookiro 1797 - 1814 Nabbunga, Ssekayiba, Nabembezi, Kadduwamala
28 Kamaanya 1814 - 1832 Kadduwamala, Katimpa, Kafumbirwango, Kimoga, Ssebuko
29 Ssuuna II 1832 - 1856 Migeekyamye, Kayiira
30 Muteesa I 1856 - 1884 Kayiira, Kisomose, Mayanja, Mulere, Mukasa
31 Mwanga II 1884 - 1888 &1889 - 1897 Mukasa, Kaggwa, Mugwanya
32 Kiweewa 1888 - 1888 Nnyonyintono
33 Kalema 1888 - 1889 Muguluma
34 Ccwa II 1897 - 1939 Kaggwa, Kisosonkole, Nsibirwa
35 Muteesa II** 1939 - 1966 Nsibirwa, Wamala, Kavuma, Kintu, Nkanji
36 Mutebi II 1993 - Nkanji, Ssemwogerere

The number of kings and their chronological sequence shown above is known with a fair degree of certainty. Historians have used this information, the expected duration of a typical kings's reign, the life expectancy, and the generational overlap that occured when siblings assumed the throne to estimate that the kingdom must have been established in the early to mid-14th century AD.

* Buganda tradition speaks of a great battle in the sky between the moon and the sun during Jjuuko's reign. They both fell out of the sky leading to complete darkness all over the kingdom. They had to be fixed back in their positions by the god Wanga. Historians have correlated this story with the solar eclipse that ocurred in 1680 which affected Buganda, and thus concluded that Jjuuko must have been king around that time.

** The institution of kingship was interrupted in 1966, when Mutesa II was deposed by the Uganda Army on the orders of A.M. Obote, who had unilaterally assumed the presidency of Uganda. Mutesa escaped into exile in Britain, where he died in 1969. The kingship was restored in 1993 by the Uganda government headed by Y.K. Museveni, with Mutebi II being coronated king on July 31.

Mutebi's Coronation

Coronation Day
July 31, 1993

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