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The Nnaabagereka
Photo © by Simon K. Mugerwa

Immediately prior to the wedding, the Nnaabagereka lived in Washington, D.C., where she was a member of 'Baana ba Buganda' - the Washington Chapter of Ggwanga Mujje. Prior to that, she lived in New York City for over 10 years, where she was an active and popular member of the Ugandan community. She played a leading role in the Uganda Cultural Society and was Secretary of Communication for the Uganda American Association of Greater New York, a chapter of the Uganda North American Association (UNAA).

Sylvia’s contributions to the Ugandan community in the United States and in Uganda go back to the mid-1980’s. She founded and edited the Uganda American Focus Newsletter, a quarterly publication that was circulated through out the Ugandan community in North America. She produced publicity materials for the Uganda Rehabilitation Project, under which the Ugandan community in the New York area sent material assistance to communities in Uganda to help them recover from the ravages of war in the country. She produced a Public Service Announcement Video aimed at encouraging young Ugandans to contribute to the country’s developmental efforts and donated it to Uganda Television (UTV), which aired it for several months in 1990. For her M.A degree programme, she researched and presented a paper on Using Communication for Development in Uganda. She was responsible for media and promotion for the Fourth UNAA convention held in New York in 1992; and was a member of the Publicity and Promotion Committee for UNAA's 9th convention, held in Washington D.C. in 1997.

Sylvia has briefly worked in Uganda. In 1993, working with the Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA), she helped co-ordinate and promote the first Uganda International Trade Fair (UGITF) held in Kampala. She helped develop promotional strategies that attracted foreign companies to exhibit at UGITF 1993.

While at GKA Inc., in 1997, Sylvia was one of a team of six consultants who reviewed existing contracting practices in hospitals and districts in Uganda, under the District Health Support Project (DHSP) of the World Bank and the Ministry of Health.

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