Get to know the Baganda

Baganda couple in cultural attire.
(Photo by Prof. Kayongo)

Banana Grove

Bananas are Buganda's staple food.

The Bulange (Parliament Building) at Mmengo, seat of Buganda's government. In the foreground is a statue of the current king, Kabaka Mutebi II erected in honor of his coronation, July 31, 1993.


Kasubi Tombs

The Kasubi Tombs are one of the most important cultural sites in Buganda. This burial place of Buganda's kings since the 1880s is located just outside the capital city Kampala.

The Kasubi tombs have been designated by UNESCO as an international heritage site.

An inside view of the tombs at Kasubi showing momentos to the late kings buried there.
(Photo by Prof. Kayongo)

Inside Kasubi

 Akayanja ka Kabaka Akayanja ka Kabaka (the Kabaka's lake) at Mmengo, just outside the Lubiri grounds is a man-made lake, the only one of its type in Uganda. The lake was made during the reign of Mwanga II (1884-1888 & 1889-1897). Mwanga was a great enthusiast of water sports.

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